Real Estate, Property Management, Accommodation

3D scans for the real estate industry have to be considered best practice due to the higher online engagement they achieve. Draw in potential purchasers from out of the area, use effectively for remote properties, and for local the markets keep visitors engaged after leaving an open house by sending them the link to the virtual walk through.

For short stay accommodation give your property the edge over all others and never hear the words again ‘it wasn’t what I was expecting’.



House 1


Short stay accommodation

Short stay cabin

Architecture, Construction and Engineering

For these industries, we can document the build, allowing clients or contractors an immersive walkthrough without having to visit site, as well as locating services for future reference, right through to a completion scan to market your creative design and build.

On a technical level, we can import 3D spaces into Autodesk Recap, where you’ll prepare your point cloud for modelling in Autodesk Revit, saving hours of time on refit and refurb jobs.

On a technical level for architecture engineering and construction we can create the following outputs:-

  • 2D Photography, 360 degree photospheres
  • Colourized point clouds (open in AutoCAD, ReCap, or Revit)
  • Floorplan Image
  • Reflected ceiling plan image
  • 3D mesh file (OBJ)


Insurance claims or audits can be simplified, instead of taking hundreds of photos needing to be cross referenced, a 3D tour can be annotated to reflect the damage or rectification work required, avoiding confusion on site.

Openhouse3D is able to capture any loss in its entirety, including its exact dimensions – with no ability to alter images or measurements. This means less time spent sketching, photographing and arguing over line items and more time spent estimating, adjusting, repairing and ultimately – getting a policyholder’s life in order.

Key benefits:

  • Save hours tape measuring and paper sketching – measured floor plan provided.
  • No more missing photos – capture the loss fully
  • Conduct remote adjusting or remote estimating
  • Capture any pre-packout damage to contents


Fire Damage

Post Flood

Foundation Documentation

Commercial, Retail, Art Galleries

Let us help build your online presence for your business or shopfront, we can create a virtual shop for greater reach or to keep potential customers engaged after leaving your premises. You can even introduce your staff in 3D, as we can include people in the scans.


Art Gallery

Office tour (with people)




In relation to staff training and site inductions, we can help you create an online virtual walkthrough of your site, allowing new staff to familiarise themselves with products and procedures online, without needing to have someone present with them, saving you time and money.


Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4